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Isabelle Fuhrman’s New Makeup Collab Inspired a Major Prom Makeover

The Goods
“I, like every girl, love makeup, plus I travel a lot. So I just wanted to create a collection that I could pack with me without feeling like I was missing anything,” says Isabelle. “I also secretly just wanted people to feel good when they said the names of the products!”

It’s been roughly six years since actress Isabelle Fuhrman played the lead role in Orphan, the chilling thriller that kicked off her sizzling Hollywood career. Yet when we stepped foot into her mod Alcove Suite at the Royalton New York, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the freckle-faced girl had grown up into a striking, brilliant, bubbly teen. Guess that’s how it works, huh?

Isabelle has since gone on to acting in a little film called The Hunger Games and curating her own makeup line with ColourPop Cosmetics. Just yesterday, she announced her latest role, on Showtime’s Masters of Sex (yes, she’s officially all grown up now).

On top of her career commitments, the 18-year-old juggles online-education work for her high school diploma, some courses for college credit (at Stanford University—NBD), and studying for upcoming driving test. Moral of the story? Girl’s keeping busy!

But never too busy for some primping time, of course. When Isabelle’s followers begged to see her new makeup collection in action, the stunning star felt she’d owed them a little demo, and we agreed. With prom right around the corner, what better way to take the collection for a test run than by offering you some makeup inspo?

While she’s never been to prom, the Los Angeles native does have a great relationship with her New York City-based makeup artist, Tina Turnbow. Tina gave her a prom-inspired makeover with the bold colors from Isabelle’s new line, Fetch Please. “I don’t think the whole prom thing is going to work out for me this year because I’ll probably be working,” Isabelle says between text messages to her designer bud Christian Siriano. “I did film a movie about prom in October, though! It’s called One Night, premiering this year. But my dream prom would really be to go to the Met.” With her 21-year-old singer sister Madeline Fuhrman’s new single “Mad Ones” and a hip-hop playlist blaring in the background, Tina and our editors brought five of Isabelle’s fantasy prom looks to life.

Whether you’re a boho beauty or going for the prom-queen title, Isabelle’s mini but mighty collection has everything you need to make a statement for your big night. Check out Tina’s tutorial on Isabelle above!

Source: Teen Vogue

Isabelle Fuhrman joins ‘Masters Of Sex’

She is all grown up! As Masters of Sex fast forwards another half-decade to 1966 in Season 3, the Showtime drama has cast Isabelle Fuhrman in a major recurring role as Virginia Johnson’s daughter Tessa.

Set in 1966, Season 3 of Masters of Sex finds the famed duo of William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) dealing with the glare of the national spotlight as their sex study is finally unveiled. It’s the start of the Sexual Revolution — and Masters and Johnson’s work will have a profound impact on contemporary relationships, especially their own evolving three-way “marriage” with Masters’ wife Libby (Caitlin FitzGerald).

Fuhrman takes over the role of Tessa from child actress Kayla Madison who played the girl for the first two seasons. Season 3 premieres July 12.

Fuhrman, best known for her starring role as Esther in Orphan and for playing Clove in The Hunger Games, will next be seen in Cell opposite John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. She is repped by CAA and Management 360.

Source: Deadline

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